Advantages and Disadvantages of a Coupon

Coupons, coupons and more coupons. They have been with us for more than a hundred years. Whether they are worth it or not. Usable or unusable . Some of us collect this piece of paper or tab to make our life easier and to become more budget wise thus to save money. But, little did they know that coupons has its own advantages and disadvantages with regards to “us” the consumers.  Consumers recognize this coupon as a special offer rather than price reduction or some what people called a discount.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of coupons :


 The coupon is easy to read and contains color; appeals to the eye.

  Copartnering of coupons

  Seasonal ad is appropriate.

  Coupon includes rebates on other items

  Ad has 800 number for further assistance

  The manufacturer’s address is on the coupon.

  Long, trusted, reliable brand name and company customer service.


  All coupons have an expiration date and sometimes we as consumers don’t need the product at the time the coupon is available, but we know that we will need that product in the future and by then the coupon has expired.

  Another problem with coupons is their small size.

  The name of the products are not used in large lettering, they are only in the photographs of the box on the coupons themselves or the recipe.

  The small size of the icon and the symbol may not be seen by customers.

  The coupon is small and on the back of the advertisement and gets lost within the colorful ad.

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